Signs and effects of self-isolation with Cannabis

Cannabis is the most abused drug among youths in the current world. Many addicts tend to self-isolate themselves with marijuana. They usually have a tendency of withdrawing from their closest friends and sometimes family. This is as a result of social phobia. Below are some of the signs and effects of self-isolation from marijuana.

  • Smoking alone- when a person starts smoking in an isolated area or all alone, it is a clear indication that he is undergoing self-isolation. This happens when the person feels uncomfortable in the presence of people. They usually wrestle the intense feeling of guilt and due to shame, they cannot take the substance in public or close to their trusted friends or family.
  • Smoking as the only option when upset- a normal person can amicably settle his depressions and anxieties without using Cannabis. When a person opts for marijuana or any other substance to tackle depression, this means that he does not have any other outlet of countering the expressions rather than the use of the substance. It is so clear that this is a sign of self-distancing from the valuable things and substituting them with vices.
  • Irritability if you do not use Cannabis- many addicts who are in the habitual and compulsive use stages of addiction cannot do any duty without using the substance. They become out of control in the absence of Cannabis and can do very annoying things to their closest friends and trustees. This usually comes from self-medication which leads to vulnerability if you don’t fix the depression and anxiety conditions.
  • Doing things you are not proud of- self-isolated cannabis addicts are prone to vices. They usually do things they are not be proud of. Most of them usually involve themselves in fights with their closest friends over petty and miniscule issues. For instance, when you speak negatively about the substance, they may defend themselves by opposing every word you utter against the drug and later on regret their actions. They then keep themselves away from people because of the guilt and irresponsible character they had performed earlier.
  • Smoking much more than average person- when a person starts smoking cannabis double the average consumption rate, it means that he has gradually graduated to compulsive use type of addiction. He may then isolate himself from people because of shame as it is obvious that some people may mock the behavior or make fun on him. As it is obvious that nobody will want to lose attachment of the people he continuously associate with, compulsive Cannabis users may actually isolate themselves in order to maintain the bond with their companions.

To sum up, self-isolation with cannabis can actually promote more addiction rather than culling it. Many people especially youths should consider self-isolation as a vice and seek professional attention in case they are experiencing the above effects. This will actually make them change their behavior in rehabilitating themselves rather than being vulnerable click here for CO2 .