Recent studies by different health organizations and researchers have proved that apart from having adverse effects, there also can be medical benefits of smoking marijuana. This drug can be used either by smoking, eating it in food or drinks, or using a vaporizer, which turns active ingredients into vapour for inhalation.

Cannabis has more than 100 components which are called cannabinoids. The two main known components are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which causes hallucination, and cannabidiol (CBD) which is non-euphoric and non-intoxicating. I shall focus on cannabidiol which is the one used for medicinal purposes.

Below are some health benefits of using marijuana;

Lowering the level of blood pressure

In the current generation, blood pressure has become common among adults and young people, and it is caused by different factors, the main one being stress. Several studies have proven that there are medical benefits of smoking marijuana in reducing high blood pressure caused by various other factors like lack of sleep, being overweight, not doing enough exercise, and overeating salt.

In addition, the leading cause of high blood pressure, stress can lead to other problems such as loss of appetite and weight loss. The use of marijuana can address these issues.

Preventing alcohol and drug addiction relapse

Drug addiction is common, especially among the youth. Many individuals are struggling with addiction and have tried many methods. However, they seem not to get out of their habit. Medical benefits of smoking marijuana are applied here by reducing the cravings to consume alcohol or drugs due to stress and controlling the impulse that causes the relapse.

In addition, it also reduces anxiety. Anxiety is an example of a mental and neurological disorder that some people experience when caught up in difficult situations. Gummiez strain brings on a childhood glee after smoking, in addition to that pleasant Cookies tingle without knocking you out.

Reducing inflammation

Inflammation is when your body uses the immune system to fight foreign bacteria or injuries that harm it. More extended stay of the inflammation cell may lead to chronic inflammation. The medical benefits of using marijuana in this scenario are that it contains anti-inflammatory components that help reduce the inflammation symptoms like wound swelling, turning red and pain.

This benefit also goes hand in hand with that chronic pain. Marijuana helps reduce severe pain in wounds and diseases such as migraine, endometriosis, neuropathic pain, and arthritis. The anti-inflammatory element can also reduce pain and symptoms in gastrointestinal disorders like bowel disease, bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis.


Marijuana has many medical benefits, some of which I have discussed above. We hope that the researchers and the students studying the health benefits of marijuana will continue inventing theories and carrying out practices to confirm more benefits of smoking marijuana.

Some of the best ways of local weed delivery in Canada

Purchasing marijuana in this era of legalization seems a bit different than it was during prohibition. Weed delivery is not as easy as buying it. This challenge is experienced mostly by those purchasing it for recreational use. Patients who are registered can order marijuana for medical use from licensed producers for direct delivery unlike those who needs it for recreation.

After having considered both local and Canadian laws, one comes to the conclusion that local weed delivery in Canada can be a lucrative enterprise as long as the necessary protocol is adhered to.

Sending and receiving weed through legally registered agents

As is commonly seen with other supply chain systems, the involvement of legally registered weed handling agencies in the procurement and delivery of weed is a necessary engagement. These agents must be bodies that are well versed with rules and regulations of both the originating country and the receiving country to avoid conflict with anti-narcotic agencies.

There are various requirements needed in order to send your product; the person sending the product must ensure the packaging and the labelling of the product to be shipped is adhering to legislation and regulations of the receiving country. The weed can only be sent to adults of acceptable age and in authorized quantities.

The receiver is also required to provide authorization to handle and distribute accepted quantities of weed to authorized consumers. Local weed delivery in Canada also demands that the involved parties take responsibility for any negligence occurring in the supply chain.

What you should know on weed delivery in Canada

Local weed delivery in Canada involves mostly online engagements, however, door-dash services are also a popular scenario that has been widely embraced by both distributors and consumers. But these still involves the authorization and operating within the laid down procedures.

It is prudent to also note that not all provinces have generally legalized direct picking up or distribution of local weed delivery in Canada. So, dealers must be cognizant with each Canadian province laws to avoid straying that could easily lead one to prosecution and detention leading to loss of business.


In as much as the general Canadian laws talks of legalization of production, distribution and consumption of marijuana, we realize that it is largely on medicinal prescription and mostly to adults who must first seek authorization from the state in order to be able to receive authorized quantities from authorized dealers and agents.

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Four Breakthroughs in The Medical Sector That Will Change Your Mind About Cannabis

Cannabis is a two-sided coin. On one side, we have the harmful psychoactive drug with all those side effects that society truly and rightfully fears. On the other hand, we have a curative component to ailments as lethal as cancer. Scientists have worked hard to isolate the latter part, Cannabidiol or CBD, and test its medicinal qualities. With a lot of opposition from anti-drug units and federal governments, research has shown that some medical cannabis uses include the following:

Treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Medical cannabis uses serve a more curative than preventive role and thus is more efficient in treating a pre-existing condition, i.e. Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a medical condition where the brain cells degenerate and the brain atrophies (shrink). It causes dementia, a condition resulting from the impairment of two or more brain functions. Some cannabinoids have been known to suppress the indications of Alzheimer which include amnesia, behavioural disorders and Motor-CNS miscommunication, by reducing brain inflammation and neuron death.

Counter the effects of Chemotherapy

Of all the medical cannabis uses, this is the most popular ( not overlooking the other theory that cannabis kills tumour cells, but we will stick with what has proof today).

Cancer patients regularly have Chemotherapy to kill cancer cells using radioactive rays. Effects of exposure to these rays include vomiting and nausea, which interfere with the patients’ ability to eat. Researchers have found that CBD components can reduce these effects and provide some pain relief (for these chemotherapeutic sessions are known to be extremely painful).

Deal with Spasticity

What is Spasticity?

Spasticity is a condition where the muscles become taut as a result of muscle tension due to abnormal muscle tightness. Damage to nerve pathways is the main cause of this ailment, and this damage can either be in the brain or the spinal cord. 

Apparently, the brain has receptors for cannabinoids, a good example being CB1 and CB2. These receptors can be used to create special signal transduction cascades that can regulate Glutamate ( a key excitatory neurologic signal transmitter in the central nervous system) activity in the brain and therefore limit excitation of muscles, lessening muscle contraction.

Pain relief and inflammation reduction

Many medical cannabis uses often revolve around the painkilling properties of cannabis. The cannabinoid receptors mentioned above in the brain come into play again as the action of the endocannabinoid system, responsible for pain sensation, is altered by cannabidiol which disrupts pain receptor activity and interacts with other neurological signal transmitters. In this case, CBD is most effective for back and nerve pain.


The above listed medical breakthroughs are just but a sample of the extensive collection of Green Society BC . Therefore, it is imperative that the debate on whether or not it safe to conduct research on cannabis  be brought to a halt and the research intensified to find what other benefits these cannabinoids have.

Benefits of buying weed online in Canada

The community has a negative perception when it comes to weed consumption. However, buying weed online in Canada is a walk in the park since its government has legalized marijuana consumption. Weed is mostly consumed for its medicinal value in Canada.

1. Maintenance of your privacy.

The community not appreciating the consumption of weed has bred many of its users to face finger-pointing and stigmatization. With the various online platforms available, buying weed online is just by the click of some buttons and getting the order delivered just at your door without coming into contact with other people.

This reduces the stress you would have encountered when buying it in person from a local store.

             2. Exclusive offers 

Offers given either by purchasing products online or at local stores are among the aims of purchasing a product. However, those given in local stores are always occasional while those online are always available as it is all upon you when you visit the marijuana online stores.

This is the same case that applies when buying weed online in Canada. Once you visit marijuana online stores, you can get it price effectively and also with exclusive offers.

           3. Save your effort and time

Time is always precious. You need to use your time wisely so that you can be able to attend to other tasks. With the online platforms and the government having legalized the purchase and consumption of marijuana, buying weed online in Canada has been made completely easy. To lazy to leave the house? No problem with Vancouver weed delivery you don’t even have to.

All you are required to do is to click some buttons to order and within the shortest time possible, the order is delivered.

            4. No need to travel

Traveling can be the worst hobby for some people. It may take hours to get to the main city in Canada which is tiring. The advancement of technology in time has come to get rid of this kind of problem. Via the various online weed dispensaries from various websites, you can be able to buy weed without leaving your house and having to travel to the local stores and encountering other people.


This article has defined some of the advantages that come with buying weed online mostly since the Canadian government has legalized marijuana consumption. It can be used for reference buds by Shiva Buzz .