Uses of CBD


Cannabidiol popularly referred to as CBD has been under research for some time now and has been allied to the treatment of various conditions causing diseases such pain relief, diabetes reduction, drug and substance abuse treatment, or even schizophrenia treatment among others. We are going to discuss how CBD can be used to reduce the symptoms that lead to these health problems. Studies have continued to show that CBD has a great potential of being the most safe and natural treatment to most health problems. Research on CBD use is still ongoing but it has highly been welcomed the few years it has been under use, we can only hope that this natural form of therapy can only continue to elevate in it form to help the world with its health issues. 

  1. Pain relief and reduction. 

Since the BC ages through the renaissance to the present day, marijuana has been used to treat pain and agony and this can only be better with technology available today and science has continuously been inspiring especially with the discovery of CBD. Studies continue to find CBD as one of the best option and natural way to reduce aches and abnormal pain in human and animal bodies because of its pain relieving effect. Research finds that CBD stimulates the body to produce endocannabinoids which is a body special system that helps in the immune system, sleep and pain relief by arousing the endocannabinoids to be active when the body needs hence relieving the body off chronic pain or inflammations. A combination of THC another marijuana compound with CBD has been shown by research to even treat rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis pain causing agents.  

  1. Schizophrenia treatment 

Studies show that CBD has been used to treat schizophrenia a disease of the mind by helping to reduce significantly the psychotic elements that lead to schizophrenia. Most of the treatment for schizophrenia has been found to lead to antipsychotic effect hence making them unreliable. CBD has been used as an adjunctive treatment for schizophrenia because of its antipsychotic properties which for instance may assist to reduce psychotic symptoms associated with cannabis consumers. CBD helps reduces the risk of psychosis development that is connected to marijuana consumption. CBD use for treatment in this process is also welcomed because it is not only natural but most importantly most safe antipsychotic compound that is much more effective. The research is continuous and more tests can only back up the already available evidence. 

  1. Lowers diabetes causing symptoms 

One of the major elements of CBD is its anti-inflammatory properties in these regard making it help in lowering diabetic symptoms like inflammatory conditions. Studies show that CBD enhance insulin reduction by regulating blood sugars among diabetes 2 patients who don’t take insulin. With this said CBD can be used mostly as way to approach lifestyle in combination with proper exercise, sleep and diet can help to deal with long-term chronic diabetic indicators and other physiognomies of diabetes.  


CBD has been most welcomes as it is safe in treatment and prevention of disease causing symptoms. It only gets better in even treatment of the main diseases as research on it continues. 

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Award winning herbal drug

Cannabis sativa is a plant that produces a drug known as cannabis. The drug is used mainly for medicinal as well as recreational use Shiva Buzz Dispensary . The plant is also known as marijuana. The psychoactive element in cannabis is known as THC or Tetra hydro Cannabinoid. Though still illegal in many countries it has been legalized in some countries such as Canada and United States of America. The main methods of consumption include smoking, blending with edibles or vaporizing. The award winning strains in 2019 were mainly selected because they are dense, that is with a lot of foliage, colorful, and fragrant. This means an attractive scent. Of course profitability has also been considered. Some of the award winning strains include;

  • Godfather og- this strain has been recognized as the words strongest marijuana strain.
  • Chemdawg- this strain is recognized as the scented strain. This means it has a sharp sensation.
  • Irish cream- a product of selective breeding to bring out the best.
  • White Tahoe Cookies. This is a relatively new and more superior strain
  • Strawberry banana- this is a cross crop between banana Kush and strawberry Blue gum.

Plants in the cannabis family include;

  • Sativa. Sativa have high level of cannabinoid. When consumed it has a mild hallucinogenic feeling and a sense of uplifting and energy boost. For this reason it is best used during daytime. Sativa is also known as effective in fighting depression as well as increase a user’s sharpness, focus as well as creativity. It also promotes a feeling of well- being in users and helps put them at ease.
  • Indica. This species bring about calmness and relaxation. For this reason it is best used at night as it promotes sleep. It is very effective as a pain killer. It also helps relieve muscle soreness and migraine headaches. Indica is known to relieve insomnia, including lack of sleep and stress. It is also effective against nausea, anxiety and seizures. Indica has been used to calm muscle spasms. It is also very useful in fighting multiple sclerosis and Parkinson disease. Indica has been very successful in the fight against cancer, HIV AIDS and glaucoma.
  • Hybrid strain. These strains are generally a mixed breed between cannabis sativa and indica. The strains can either be indica or sativa dominant, or in some cases both strains are equal. These hybrid strains enable users to enjoy the benefits of both sativa and indica strains. Such benefits include relief against pain of indica as well as wakefulness found in sativa.

Award winning strong strains- These were recognized because they are loaded with tetra hydro cannabinoids (THC)

  • Strawberry banana-of Indica lineage and produces a euphoric feeling
  • Purple Kush-contains up to 27% tetra hydro cannabinoids
  • Death star-which is mainly Indica dominant
  • Ice Wreck- this is technically a hybrid
  • G 13- this has been taunted as one of the most mythical indicas in the market
  • Kosher Kush-It has been bred by DNA genetics. It is mainly found in California and of unknown Indica heritage
  • Mk Ultra- Named after a mind control program operated by the Central Intelligence Agency of America
  • Critical Kush- A cross breed between critical mass and OG Kush
  • Gods gif-t it has 22% tetra hydro cannabinoids
  • Sunset sherbet – an Indica dominant hybrid.

Tips of helping teenagers stop using cannabis as a parent

The legalization of cannabis in majority of the states in the country have made the selling and buying of cannabis and its products very easy Ganja Express . This has in turn led to very many teenagers across the country using cannabis. Therefore as a parent, you should not bury your head in the sand hoping against all odds that your teenager son or daughter will stop using cannabis. You ought to help them stop the vice, so that they can lead a normal and successful life, as cannabis use affects their brain development. This article will therefore delve into the tips that you need to follow, when helping your teenager stop using cannabis.

Be clear and bold

After you have found out that your child is using cannabis, it is important to tell them straight to their eyes that you will not condone such behavior. This is because unless your teenager has a clear mind that they are going to stop with the vice, they will find themselves in the mix again. If necessary, you can even set certain terms of ramifications that will happen if they fail to heed your call. This will provide them with the incentive to stop using cannabis and affecting their brain development.

Provide opportunities for bonding

It is worth noting that quitting the use of cannabis is no mean task, owing to the fact that it is a habit that they have formed. That is why you need to find your teenager something to do, so that they cannot be idle and thus resume the vice. This being the case therefore, you need to find opportunities in which you can bond with your child, thus helping them stop the vice. You could start helping them out with their homework or other house chores.

Educate them on the dangers

Being clear and bold cannot work on their own, as there are some teenagers who will react badly with very hard lined parents. That is the reason why you need to educate your teenager the effects of using cannabis on their brain development and overall health. This will help them buy into your idea of stopping the vice, thus developing the need to quit from within. This will make it easy to your teenager to stop the vice.

Contacts the parents of their friends

In case your teenager was introduced to cannabis by his or her friends, it would be absolutely throwing the can down the hill if you make your teenager quit using it. This is because his or her friends will re-introduce him or her to the vice. In order to solve the problem in its entirety, you need to contact the parents of your child friend’s friends.

Effects of Cannabis on a Teenage Brain

With the legalization of cannabis in many states across the country, teenagers have started using the herb at astonishing speeds. Sadly, although cannabis comes with its very many health benefits, using recreational marijuana which teenagers are using, affects their brain. The crux of the matter is that the teenage brain is developing and therefore the use of cannabis has very adverse effects on it. That is why you should at all avoid using recreational cannabis in case you are a teen, as it will have adverse effects on your brain in the long run. This article will, therefore, delve into the negative effects that cannabis has on a teenage brain.


Although the possibility of being addicted to cannabis is low when compared to other drugs like tobacco, whenever you use the drug for a long time you can get addicted. This means therefore that you will not be able to do your day to day activities without using cannabis. Cannabis has two compounds that are the THC which is responsible for the feel high and CBD which is used for medicinal benefits. Once your brain becomes accustomed to being stimulated by the THC compound daily, you get hooked. That is why you should not use cannabis for a very long time or daily. Whenever you get hooked with cannabis, you will start depending on it so that you can function properly as well as making you spend much of your resources.

Loss of memory

Once you use cannabis, the THC compound stimulates the hippocampus part of the brain which is responsible for memory and learning. The more you continue using cannabis, the more the THC compound destroys the hippocampus part of your brain, thus causing memory loss. That is why people who have used cannabis for a very long time, they have difficulties remembering things, as their hippocampus part of the brain is destroyed and is not functioning normally. That is the reason why you find that teenagers who use cannabis often, have a low IQ when compared to their counterparts who do not abuse the herb.

Less blood flow to parts of the brain

Your brain just like any other part of the body depends on blood for it to function properly. This is because the blood contains oxygen, which is a vital element for the normal functioning of the body. Whenever you use cannabis as a teenager therefore, the THC compound inhibits the free-flowing of blood in your brain. This can be very detrimental in serious cases, as it can lead to teenagers becoming mad as their brain is not functioning as it is supposed to. That is why as a teenager, you need to avoid using cannabis the was bought at an online dispensary in Canada.

New Brunswick Personal Injury Lawyer To Open SA Office In 2018

Types of Personal Injury Law Cases

There many common personal injury cases that are presented today. One is the act of injury due to negligence. This case may cause an individual to file a claim. It is through the help of hiring a personal lawyer that one is able to deal with such a case. A well-trained and experienced attorney will handle the case and the right compensation will therefore be given to the victim. The claims are usually determined by three parties. These are the insurance company, Brunswick Bar Association counsel for the defendant and the counsel for the injured party. Negotiations should be carried out by the three and the final solution should be given to both the parties that were involved in the incidence.

Assault and abuse cases Injuries from abuse, assault and robbery among others can be termed as ways of braking personal law. Such instance will demand the offender to carry out compensation as given by the law.  There are different types of abuse, example is like that of child abuse and restitution. Such cases will demand and attorney to help in receiving the correct form of judgement. The individual will also help in filing the cases as well as making the necessary follow-ups.

Schools and daycare injuries.  This is another common form of injury that is normally experienced by a wide variety of persons today. for one to maneuver in getting the right form of compensation against this case, one should have to go through a tort process. Depending on which school, there are different level of compensation. For example, in private, the amount may be little depending on which insurance company is liable for the such cases.

Wrongful death This can be caused by a car accident or through medical malpractice. The failure of doctors to show up concern to the patient can lead to instant death. The same case with people who are not keen while driving. Failing to observed the road rules can cause fatal accident which lead to deaths of people. Therefore, for one to manage the claims in such cases, personal injury lawyers in Fredericton, NB should be consulted for right judgments. Hiring the lawyer who has specialized in such cases will be an advantage to getting the case acted upon within a short period of time.

However, there are other categories associated with breaking of personal laws. They include the following: alcohol related injuries, defamation of character, employment discrimination lawsuits and wrongful termination among others. All these wrongful acts are deal with by individual lawyers who are well-conversant with such situations. They help on in getting the due right at the right time and from the individuals who are concerned with the truck accidents cases. Thus, it is important to seek lawful guidance whenever an offense has occurred. 

Arborists From BC Win Canadian Forestry Awards

Some of the significant lessons you learn to become a certified arborist are the management and harvesting. Others include the study of shrubs, trees and any other plant in the surrounding. The skills and knowledge acquired help them to care for trees and any green matter that you have around your home or property safely. Besides the overall appeal of your residence, they ensure that your home is safe for human habitation. Therefore, when you consider hiring one, some services they are capable of completing are listed below.

1. Pruning- tree pruning is an important part of an arborist duty. This act ensures that the trees look healthy and their appearance as well. A certified professional will make sure accidents are avoided by pruning overgrown trees and other limbs that affect electric lines and wiring as well. This act helps prevent possible injuries and will stop any decay from spreading to other trees.

2. Removing trees- when you require to cut down a tree, the law dictates that you must obtain a report from an arborist to show cause why it should be cut. This report is necessary since you will be given permission only after the evaluation has been accepted. This helps in the decision making process and other reasons that may necessitate the cutting include dead or decaying trees since it poses a huge danger to the surrounding and your property. Another valid reason is when it is hindering the construction or expansion of the environment.

3. Emergency care and cutting- sometimes during harsh weather conditions, the tree branches can cause serious risks to the surrounding and the people. Therefore, to avoid potential accidents the tree needs to be removed to safeguard people and their property. Thus, an arborist will respond faster by recommending its removal and supervise it cutting or pruning.

4. Planting- Tree People services don’t consider cutting alone but can help advice on growing new vegetation as well. There are many that participate in planting trees and suggesting the best type to grow in certain areas and how it should be done properly.

5. Tree care- many people consider hiring an arborist Vancouvert when they notice that the branches are about to fall off or a dead tree. However, this can be prevented by consulting them earlier to help you care for the trees.

6. Aeration and fertilization- by seeking experts opinion, they will help you improve the overall health of the plant and its growth process. Through forestry and aeration, they can assist by spraying and injecting the chemical that prevents spread of diseases and insects infestation.

This and many other services are offered by the professional arborist and can be consulted at any time.

How The English Used Class Against South African Women

When the women started to become highly and massively political, their entire revolution started to move into a whole new stage. This was especially so when they came up with a freedom song that was mainly protesting the pass laws to African women that were going to be extended in the year 1956.

When the women in South Africa decided to take the initiative and go ahead to Palate Sensations of Singapore, the liberation struggle was able to improve in a significant way. However, when you only speak about the women in South Africa and how hard they fought is taking a step away to understanding just how important these bitter struggles were not only to the African women but the men and children as well. However, when you look at the African woman especially during the colonial period, it was them who not only had to suffer the national oppression, but they also had to suffer from the sexual oppression as well. And this affected these women in very many ways not only physically but emotionally as well.

Also, an important point to always keep in mind is that the South African women also had they own specific roles to play when it came to learn English in Singapore They were not only oppressed for been African and exploited as workers, they also had to undergo the burden that came with having to deal with the sexual inequalities that they were faced the South African history, women were seen as been able to provide a kind of cheap black labor that was readily available for oppression. They were also found to have played a very important role especially when it came to ensuring that the entire system was able to survive and keep on moving forward.

The most devastating class laws that were not only affecting the women in South Africa but other women in other countries who were also black slaves was the apartheid law. This law not only burdened them with many and ridiculous taxes that they had to pay, but they were also robbed of their land. The African men were also taken advantage of in that they were also forced to sell all their labor power in the mines, farms, and factories of the white people. Their children and wives were also left to live in desolate and barren areas which the colonial government referred to it as ‘the homelands’ which was highly acceptable in the apartheid regime. The women and men who were working in their cities were considered to be immigrants in their mother country which was very sad.

The Natal Inland Family History Society

The NIFHS meets on the first and third Wednesday of every month (except third Wednesday of December and the first Wednesday of January) at 7:30pm, at the Natal Carbineers Drill Hall in Geere Street, Pietermaritzburg.

Extensive research sources (including many early copies of “The Natal Witness”) are available to researchers at all meetings and normally a speaker on a family history or related subject speaks at the third Wednesday meeting.

First Wednesday of the month from 7:30pm; Library will be opened.  The Chairman is willing to open the library at other times on request.

All Research enquiries must be directed to





21st November 2017

07:00pm for 7:30pm

Speaker Val Ward: Her recent Scottish Ancestral tour


21st November 2017. 7:00pm for 7:30pm. Speaker Val Ward: Her recent Scottish Ancestral tour

1st December 2017.  10am. Annual year end Tea party at Hydrangea House

January 2018 – No Meetings

20th February 2018 – AGM

2018 Annual Membership Fees (Due  January 2018)

Natal Inland Family History Society: R130 pa includes electronic newsletter.

GSSA : R200 which includes a hard copy of Familia or R150 if you will accept an electronic version. We encourage members to subscribe to both Societies and offer a R40 discount for dual subscription.

Banking Details: Nedbank 2343036187 ; Branch Code 134325 : Account in the name of “The Natal Inland Family History Society”

Alternatively you may pay your subs at the AGM on the 15th February but please get there at 7pm to enable us to process the receipts.

The Natal Midlands Branch of the Genealogical Society of South Africa is located in Pietermaritzburg but serves anyone with an interest in genealogy and family history in the whole of the inland region of KwaZulu-Natal. The branch is currently under the curatorship of the NIFHS.